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Mitchell Community Schools serves two-thousand students in grades pre-school through twelfth grade. All the professional staff that directly teach the students are fully licensed by the Indiana Department of Education.

Mitchell Community Schools is very proud of our facilities and wish to thank the citizens of the Mitchell area for their support in providing the appropriate educational buildings.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the staff of Mitchell Community Schools, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school system. We strive to provide the very best educational opportunities for our students.

John W. Lantis
Superintendent of Schools


The purpose of the guidance services is to help students in their social, educational, vocational, and personal development. Conferences with students receive first consideration of the counselor's time. Counselors assist students by:

1. Recommending materials the student may use to improve his/her study habits
2. Planning his/her schedule and school program
3. Making realistic curriculum selections and suitable plans for the future
4. Offering assistance with problems of adjustment - to listen to the student discuss his/her problems

Counselors also assist parents in understanding their children's educational progress and becoming informed about the schools' offerings.
The Guidance and Counseling staff includes the At-Risk Counselor in grades K-5, a junior high school counselor, and two high school counselors.


Mitchell Community Schools provides services for its special education students through the Orange, Lawrence, Jackson, Martin, Greene Joint Services Cooperative located in Bedford. Within the Mitchell schools, services are provided in the areas of mildly and moderately mentally handicapped, speech therapy, physically handicapped, and learning disabled. A comprehensive development program is also maintained in the local schools. Students needing other services of the Joint Services program are transported daily to the appropriate facilities within the North Lawrence Schools.


Mitchell Community Schools provides school bus transportation for all students within the school district. Thirty-one regular bus routes serve approximately 1800 students and cover over 940 miles per day. MCS also provides school bus transportation for students attending Bedford Special Education and Vocational School programs. All school buses are equipped with a FM radio system so that constant communication is maintained to provide for the safety of the students. Parents needing specific information about transportation should call the assistant superintendent at 812-849-4481 or e-mail at .
The City of Mitchell offers limited bus service as well. This service is especially helpful to parents of kindergarten students. The cost for the city service is nominal. Information about the city service is provided to interested parents by calling 812-849-2151.

Teke Burton Drive
Rt. 1 Box 101
Mitchell, Indiana 47446

Hatfield Elementary School opened its doors in 1975. The building was especially constructed at that time to accommodate primary children. In the fall of 2000 Hatfield reopened following a major addition and a complete remodel of the original section. This state of the art facility houses thirty-two classrooms, art room, music room, computer lab, library, remediation room, full size gymnasium, and full service cafeteria. Its students range in age from Pre-K through Grade 2 with a current student population of 550 students. Kindergarten classes average 20 students per class, first grade 18 students per class, and second grade 20 students per class. All classes are staffed with the necessary combination of teachers and aides to achieve Indiana Prime Time teacher/pupil ratios.
The educational program at Hatfield follows a traditional curriculum. However, the use of up-to-date teaching techniques and technology are particularly important in this building. Individual teachers regularly draw upon each other's professional strengths and expertise in a natural way as they make the curriculum come alive for the students.
The school may be contacted at 812-849-3834 or by e-mail at .

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Hancock Avenue
Rt. 1 Box 94
Mitchell, Indiana 47446

Burris School is a modern grades 3,4,5 facility with a teaching/auxiliary staff dedicated to providing a creative, caring, learning environment for students. The current student population is 500 students. Burris School offers an educational program which provides students with opportunities for enrichment including a state recognized Gifted/Talented program. Curriculum compacting is also offered in many classrooms allowing students accelerated opportunities in core subject content. The Great Books reading program provides students in each grade level the opportunity to share a love for literature. An after-school computer program is offered to grade 5 students with opportunities to expand their computer knowledge and skills. They have a quality Title I program and Remediation program for students needing extra assistance with reading, language arts, and mathematics essential skills. They also provide students with exciting opportunities to attend Library Bookfairs, Math Olympics, Careers Day, and other supplemental curricular programs. Current pupil/teacher ratios average 23/teacher with the necessary combination of teachers and aides to achieve Indiana Prime Time.
Burris School's elementary schedule is designed to provide students with the opportunity to experience weekly fine arts, computer, physical education, and library classes. Also offered is a morning/evening latch-key program to assist working parents needing this well-supervised service. An Elementary Roomparent Association provides parents with opportunities to assist elementary schools in a variety of ways.
The school may be contacted at 812-849-2509 or by e-mail at .

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1010 Bishop Blvd.
Mitchell, Indiana 47446

Mitchell Junior High School opened in 1980 and strives to meet the individual needs of the district's early adolescent population who are in grades 6, 7, and 8. The facilities and programs are designed and committed to exposing each student to a variety of learning experiences promoting personal development. The staff recognizes the important mental, social, physical, and emotional uniqueness of each student. It is their desire to provide a learning environment which is enjoyable and meaningful. The current average class size is 21.5/teacher.
The school continues to provide a strong curricular program of instruction in the basic subject areas that was begun in the elementary grades. Not only do students receive the basics of instruction, but they are provided with a variety of programs to accommodate their interests and/or needs. This entails programs ranging from individual remediation to allowing more advanced students to earn high school credit. Academic decisions are made with the cooperative effort and concern of students, parents, teachers, counselor, and principal. Courses of study include language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, fine arts, practical arts, health and safety, and physical education.
In addition, a variety of activities are provided to students in athletics, clubs, organizations, and social functions so they may have their first real taste of extra-curricular programs. These include activities held within the regular school setting and the larger community.
The school is intended to be an educational atmosphere of caring and concern. Mitchell Junior High desires to exert a good wholesome image for its students and the community.
The school may be contacted at 812-849-3747 or by e-mail at .

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1000 Bishop Blvd.
Mitchell, Indiana 47446

Mitchell High School was built in 1962, with additions and renovations made to the cafeteria; art room; business, industrial arts and science classrooms, library; gymnasium; track; and football field in 1980 and/or 1992 and/or 2000. The academic program offers over 100 course selections in college preparation, general skills, practical skills, and technical areas. Indiana University Advanced College Project or Advanced Placement Examination courses are offered to seniors for college credit in the areas of Calculus, Chemistry, English, Literature, and Psychology. Mitchell High School is also a member of the vocational education program located in Bedford, Indiana. Each year, students interested in vocational training are transported daily to the North Lawrence Vocational-Technical Center. The high school programs have consistently received accreditation by the North Central Association since 1948. Current average class sizes are 21.1/teacher.
The student activity program at Mitchell High School is an important aspect in the student's education. MHS currently provides athletic competition under IHSAA guidelines in seven boys sports and six girls sports. A band and choral program, along with many clubs and organizations, are also provided to the students.
The school believes that Mitchell High School provides a business-like student-oriented atmosphere, with the administration and staff committed to excellence in education.
The school may be contacted at 812-849-3663 or by e-mail at .

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