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Mitchell Memorial Playground

The Mitchell Memorial Playground was conceived in 2002 and was completed in late 2003. The idea of this type of playground came from Riley's Park in Salem, IN which was built in 2001. The playground consists of mazes, a rocket, a tree house and a whirly slide. The playground will cover nearly 26,000 square feet.
The playground project was designed by Leathers & Associates who have been designing community-built playgrounds for 30 years. The key element is the phrase "community-built". It started with a Design Day in October, 2002 where a playground architect met will school students to get their input into the design. By the end of the day a draft of the blueprint was viewed by the students to see where their suggestions had been implemented. From there, it was up to the Playground Committee working with the Park Board to solicit funds from the community through fund raising events and soliciting businesses and organizations to contribute to the purchase of individual playground equipment and to recruit volunteers to build the playground. Once all of the building materials were gathered, the community volunteers spent a week constructing it. It truly was a community experience.
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